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We specialize in creating modern outdoor pergolas

Established in 1999 in Ajman, PERGOLA UAE is a leading company in shade structures for seating areas, car parking, pathways, verandas, and barbeque areas. By applying the most avant-garde design concepts, the finest materials, and the most precise engineering, we specialize in helping create the most compelling shaded outdoor settings.   

We work with architects, engineers, and our clients, designing and executing exquisite shade structures.  
Our brand stands for:


- Technical excellence: our team develops complex and  elaborate projects. We overlook functionality, aesthetics, structural calculus, illumination. 


- Versatility:  we work with diverse aluminum profiles and also with GI steel for granting resistance to oversize structures.


- State-of-the-art design: when it is perfectly balanced within the context, be it site, climate peculiarities, client´s vision, constructive rationality, and budget.


- Finest technologies and materials:  we work with the best material and with the best machinery available. 

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